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Published on 04.03.2024
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The Future Workshop: Student Coaching and Hackathon 



Inspired by Theodore Hook’s insightful phrase, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” MyConnectivity hosted a student hackathon focused on the future of connectivity in Luxembourg.

This effort was guided by a desire not only to anticipate the future, but to actively contribute to the evolution of technologies and innovations that promise to enhance our interaction with the world. This initiative represents a step towards engaging with the potential of tomorrow’s connectivity, reflecting a commitment to foster meaningful innovation.

The hackathon, which took place on February 28th, 2024, brought together 18 students from various institutions such as the University of Luxembourg, University of Liège, Lycée Guillaume Kroll, Lycée Athenée de Luxembourg, Lënster Lycée International School, and Luxembourg Tech School. This event was not just a gathering; it was a deep dive into the future of Ultra High-Speed Connectivity and its profound implications on our world and our lives.

Hosted at the House of Startups, in Luxembourg City, the hackathon kicked off with an enlightening introduction to futures and design thinking, specifically focusing on Megatrends. This set the stage for participants to engage deeply with global trends that are likely to influence future innovations and societal changes. Megatrends, significant forces that impact societies, economies, cultures, and personal lives over a long time, were at the heart of the hackathon’s activities, with special focus on Ultra-High-Speed connectivity. Understanding these trends is crucial for anticipating future developments and was a key learning objective for the students involved.

The program was meticulously structured into 3 phases: Discover, Dream, and Design.

In the Discover phase, participants formed groups and embarked on exercises that pushed them to think critically about the impact and likelihood of various megatrends. They engaged in creating an impact/likelihood matrix and envisioned a day in the life of a chosen persona in 2030, influenced by these megatrends. This imaginative exercise was not only about foresight, but also about empathy and understanding different perspectives.

Transitioning to the Dream phase, the hackathon challenged students to ask “How might we?” questions, fostering a brainstorming environment where creativity was abundant. The potential solutions to these questions highlighted the innovative spirit of the participants, demonstrating their ability to think outside the box.

The Design phase introduced participants to prototyping, a hands-on approach where ideas began taking a more tangible form. Although the prototypes were conceptual, the exercise was an important step in materializing ideas and fostering a design thinking mindset among the students.

Facilitated by Piotr Gawel from Art Square Lab and Jeanette Mortensen from EGGS Design, the event emphasized collaborative learning and interdisciplinary interaction. The focus on Ultra-High-Speed Connectivity as a thematic cornerstone of the hackathon, underscored the relevance of technological advancements and their potential to redefine our future landscape.

The participation of students from diverse ages and academic backgrounds underscored the importance of inclusive collaboration in imagining the future. It highlighted how fresh perspectives can contribute to a richer, more comprehensive understanding of potential future scenarios.

Looking forward, MyConnectivity has scheduled follow-up activities to sustain the momentum generated by the hackathon, encouraging continued engagement with the themes explored during the event. This includes visits to the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in March 2024 and the SES premises in May, alongside coaching and mentorship sessions for the groups. These efforts aim to refine their concepts for a three-minute pitch session to technology experts in June. We’ll keep sharing updates on the students’ project ideas leading up to the big reveal. Stay tuned!

For a closer look at the event’s inspiring and collaborative atmosphere, explore the gallery of photos available below.

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