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Frequently asked questions

  • Which internet service providers have a presence in Luxembourg?

    There are several ISPs in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that offer fibre and cable solutions, some of which are also mobile phone operators.

    It is always best to shop around by consulting the specific packages that each ISP offers on their respective website, which you can find in our ISP directory.

    Additionally, this privately-run website can assist you in comparing offers and packages: LetzCompare.

  • Can I get a fibre-optic internet connection in Luxembourg?

    Yes, Luxembourg has excellent fibre optic coverage. Nearly 80% of homes can access this technology. You can enter your address in the following Geoportail database to find out whether your home is eligible for fibre optic connection. Alternatively, contact any of the internet service providers to check your eligibility.

  • How much does an internet subscription cost in Luxembourg?

    The price varies depending on the operator and package, but the average is €50,21 per month for 100mbps ultra-high-speed broadband. You may also have to pay for the installation of the cabling into your home.

    Source: Etude des Tarifs des Services Internet Fixe au Luxembourg 2023

  • What is the average speed of the internet in Luxembourg?

    It is difficult to establish an average, but you should know that the existing infrastructure allows 95% of the population to access a connection of at least 1GB/s. What is more, 58% of households already have connection speeds of 100mb/s or more.

  • How can I improve my internet connection in Luxembourg?

    If you want a better internet connection, you can either upgrade your existing package, check your eligibility and opt for fibre optics, or check with your cable provider. A fibre optic or cable TV (coaxial) connectivity is future-proof and much more powerful than copper-based ADSL. MyConnectivity has put together an article on the subject.

  • Can I have a specific internet connection for my professional activity?

    Yes, business customers have access to several dedicated internet services in Luxembourg. These are offered by some of the country’s main operators, or by companies that specialise in business connectivity. Please refer to ISPs that provide corporate packages.

  • Who can I turn to for help with internet connection problems?

    Your operator is undoubtedly the most qualified professional to solve your internet access problems. They all have a customer service staffed by technicians. Their hotline can be found on your contract or on the operator’s website.

  • How long does it take to get an internet connection in Luxembourg?

    Depending on the type of connection you want, and whether you have the appropriate connection infrastructure, the procedure can take anything from a few days to a few weeks. However, in most cases you can request a temporary mobile router to have internet on the first day.

  • Can I get a broadband connection in rural areas of Luxembourg?

    Despite some of the best broadband coverage in Europe, there are still “white spots” in the Grand Duchy, particularly in rural areas. The government and operators are making the reduction of these white spots a priority, and work is underway to achieve full network coverage.

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