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Advisory Community


The Advisory Community is a working and discussion group comprising vital stakeholders within the telecommunications sector, including service providers, operators, municipalities, real estate experts, and representatives from the building and construction industry. It also encompasses key figures from public administrations and consumer advocacy groups. Our inclusive approach ensures that all interested parties are welcome to actively engage in the recurring Advisory Community meetings.

One of the main goals of the community is to build up knowledge on ultra-high-speed broadband connectivity.

Julien Larios

Technical Director at MyConnectivity


It is also an opportunity for every participant to gain a better understanding of end user expectations and needs, gather testimonials and improve public attitude towards technology. Bringing in expertise from outside of Luxembourg or sharing the results of our own studies and pilot projects feeds knowledge into the group which can be shared and discussed.  In return, we encourage members to reciprocate by sharing their own expertise, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas.

The Advisory Community convenes 4 to 6 times a year, drawing a diverse gathering of 20 to 40 participants for each occasion. Our engagements encompass a spectrum of activities, ranging from pure networking sessions to dynamic workshops and conference-style events.

Within this community, members have the opportunity to participate in specialised working groups that delve into critical topics, such as the deployment and utilisation of ultra-high-speed networks, addressing connectivity gaps in areas currently lacking ultra-high-speed broadband access, and safeguarding consumer interests, with a particular focus on aspects like data security and confidentiality.

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