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About Us


MyConnectivity’s mission is to accelerate the country’s progress towards digitalisation and connectivity and to ensure that everyone who lives and works in Luxembourg can participate in this development.

MyConnectivity was founded by the Luxembourg government and LU-CIX GIE in 2021.

Helping connectivity professionals…

Deploying Ultra-High-Speed broadband connectivity requires special infrastructure and technical skills. This is why MyConnectivity works closely with the various players in the telecommunications sector and the operators in charge of the network, to ensure that the infrastructure is sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly.

MyConnectivity also listens to and advises companies wishing to develop very high-speed broadband applications.

… and supporting businesses and private households.

Connectivity raises a lot of questions, and sometimes a few concerns. “Why choose fiber optic?”, “Installing fiber in my home will involve costly work…” and “What about my privacy?”
These are legitimate questions, and MyConnectivity is here to answer them, committed to transparency and consumer protection.

Ultra-High-Speed broadband provides access to applications that can make everyday life easier, that allow you to communicate easily from anywhere, and that enable your business to trade with the whole world!

MyConnectivity is here to tell you how you can make the most of these new uses.

Center of expertise

1 expert point of contact 

MyConnectivity's mission is to improve and accelerate connectivity for individuals and businesses in Luxembourg, so that everyone can benefit from the potential of very high-speed broadband in their daily lives, at home or at work. Established as an economic interest group (G.I.E.), MyConnectivity is the main interface for public and private players, an information centre and a platform for expertise and advice on connectivity and its implementation in Luxembourg.

3 major missions

MyConnectivity’s action plan focuses on 3 key areas:

  1. raising awareness and providing information about the challenges and potential of digital technology, to ensure full inclusion of all sections of society.
  2. promoting the deployment of and access to Ultra-High-Speed Broadband for all, via reliable, high-performance and sustainable technical infrastructure.
  3. providing support, advice and training to the public, to overcome the psychological and technical barriers that can slow down the new uses of digital technology.

3 clear objectives

Ensuring access to high-performance connectivity means:

  • guaranteeing Luxembourg’s competitiveness on the European and global political, economic, social and technological stage.
  • enabling the country’s entrepreneurs to develop the technologies of tomorrow and position Luxembourg as a player at the cutting edge of innovation.
  • giving every citizen and resident in the country the opportunity to benefit from all the digital applications that are transforming our world today.

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