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Published on 15.02.2024
Business, Tech

MyConnectivity partners with DLH to offer technical trainings 


Published on 15.02.2024
Business, Tech

MyConnectivity announces partnership with the Digital Learning Hub to introduce a specialized technical training program for professionals eager to advance their expertise in fibre optics and optical networks.


MyConnectivity is dedicated to advancing telecommunications infrastructure and empowering professionals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age. As part of our commitment to this mission, we are proud to announce our strategic partnership with the Digital Learning Hub (DLH), aimed at launching a specialized technical training program tailored for professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in fibre optics and optical networks. This collaboration reflects our ongoing efforts to address industry demands and foster continuous learning opportunities that align with the evolving needs of the telecommunications sector.

Training structure

The training is structured over two days, blending theory with practical experience, and will happen at the DLH headquarters. On the first day, participants will explore the fundamental principles of fibre optics, including the technology that powers optical networks and their applications. The second day shifts focus to diagnosing and troubleshooting network disturbances—a critical skill set for any telecom professional.

What sets this training apart is its emphasis on practical learning. Each afternoon, attendees will engage in activities that simulate real-world scenarios. The program includes hands-on sessions, where participants will practice fibre optic welding and use testing and measurement equipment to diagnose and fix frequent problems.

The instructors

Dr. Nico Binsfield: Dr. Nico Binsfeld, with an engineering background, MBA, and DBA, has dedicated his career to advancing ICT and leveraging digital transformation opportunities. As of early 2024, he serves as a Consultant Trainer and Board Member at Eltrona, having previously held the position of Chief Technology Officer. His expertise extends to IT/Telco and educational consulting.

Jose Canto: José Canto, with over 20 years at Eltrona, has progressed from Head of IP Backbone & Core Network to roles including Head of Project and Innovation Office, and Head of IT, IP & ON infrastructures. In February 2024, he became the Chief Technology Officer, reflecting his expertise and leadership in technology and innovation.

How to participate

With the initial sessions fully booked, demonstrating the high demand for this specialized training, we strongly encourage interested professionals to pre-register for future sessions. Pre-registration is free and serves as an expression of interest rather than a formal commitment to attend. This ensures you receive immediate notification as new sections become available, offering a prime opportunity to enhance your skills in the rapidly evolving field of fibre optics and optical networks without missing out.

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