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Published on 02.04.2024
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An Advisory Community event to review the vertical cabling norm project


Published on 02.04.2024

The Advisory Community Event held on March 27, 2024, marked a significant step forward in the development and standardisation of the vertical cabling process for multi-dwelling buildings in Luxembourg. This gathering of over 50 industry professionals and interested parties was aimed at discussing the project. The norm, developed by the technical committee ILNAS TC/108, is poised to provide clear guidelines that enhance efficiency, safety, and compatibility across telecommunication services.


Advisory Community

The Advisory Community is a working and discussion group comprising vital stakeholders within the telecommunications sector, including service providers, operators, municipalities, real estate experts, and representatives from the building and construction industry. It also encompasses key figures from public administrations and consumer advocacy groups. Our inclusive approach ensures that all interested parties are welcome to actively engage in the recurring Advisory Community meetings.

Event highlights

The event’s agenda was crafted to cover various facets of the vertical cabling norm. After an introduction about MyConnectivity, Julien Larios, Technical Director at the company, provided a comprehensive overview of the need for the norm for vertical cabling, articulating its critical role in Luxembourg’s telecommunication’s framework. He highlighted how the norm aims to address and standardise the complexities of vertical cabling systems within residential and mixed-use buildings, thereby enhancing connectivity and reliability across the Grand-Duchy. Larios emphasised the collaborative effort behind the norm’s development, led by the technical committee ILNAS TC/108, and underscored the potential impact of standardised cabling on accelerating the deployment of ultra-high-speed broadband services.

As a representative from ILNAS, Nicolas Domenjoud provided insights into the various steps involved in developing the norm, from the initial identification of the need for standardisation within the telecommunication’s sector, to the collaborative efforts of the technical committee ILNAS TC/108. His presentation helped demystify the complex process of norm creation, emphasising the significance of stakeholder engagement and the iterative review process that ensures the norm’s relevance and applicability across the telecommunications industry.

Karim Habib, Telecom Specialist at MyConnectivity, showcased three illustration panels on FTTH architectures across Portugal, Germany, France and Luxembourg, highlighting Luxembourg’s position within this framework. The primary aim behind this initiative was to disseminate valuable insights to our audience about the FTTH architectures prevalent in these regions. Furthermore, we orchestrated a live demonstration and engaging discussion centred around our norm project in Luxembourg, fostering an environment conducive to learning and collaboration. The illustration panels are now displayed at Neobuild’s premises.

Rudy Kech’s keynote on how vertical cabling enables smart cities served as a compelling narrative on the transformative power of vertical cabling in enabling smart cities. As Co-CEO of Brunata Metrona Luxembourg, Kech showcased how a standardised approach to vertical cabling could facilitate the integration of smart technologies within urban infrastructures, thus promoting ecological sustainability and enhancing the quality of urban life. He elaborated on the symbiosis between smart buildings and smart cities, illustrating how connected sensors and IoT devices contribute to efficient resource management and energy savings.

The interactive discussions that followed delved into technical specifics, reflecting the collaborative spirit of the Advisory Community.

Networking opportunities were abundant, providing a platform for attendees to forge partnerships, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on future projects, further strengthening the fabric of Luxembourg’s telecommunications sector.

Future Directions and Closing Remarks

The event concluded on a forward-looking note, with the PrILNAS 108 norm set to enter the public survey phase. This phase is crucial for incorporating feedback from stakeholders to refine and perfect the norm. Stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this collaborative effort by submitting feedback before April 26, 2024, by following this link:

The adoption of the norm is expected to significantly enhance Luxembourg’s Ultra-High-Speed Network infrastructure. By standardising technical and functional requirements for vertical cabling, the norm aims to meet the diverse needs and expectations of all involved parties. The norm will be an enabler for new projects, paving the way for a more connected and efficient future.

The Advisory Community event not only underscored the importance of collaboration and standardisation in advancing telecommunication infrastructures but also highlighted the community’s commitment to innovation and excellence. As the norm progresses through the public consultation phase, stakeholders are reminded of the pivotal role their contributions play in shaping the future of telecommunications in Luxembourg. The event’s success is a testament to the collective effort and shared vision of the Advisory Community, setting a positive trajectory for future activities and initiatives.

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