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MyConnectivity’s appearances in 2023


Our mission is to provide technology-based progress for people – and that’s why we also socialise in Luxembourg and beyond. At events, workshops, visits, and meetings, we exchange ideas, promote our services and our brand – and learn a lot.


February 2023

Mobile World Congress Barcelona

We attended the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress is one of the largest and most important events in the technology industry, bringing together professionals from across the globe to showcase and discuss the latest advancements in mobile and digital technology.

Attending such events is crucial for us. They help us stay updated with the latest technologies and trends, meet industry leaders, explore new innovations, and participate in valuable discussions. This experience allows us to bring fresh ideas and strategies back to our team, ensuring we continue to support and advance the Luxembourgish connectivity ecosystem.


Orange 5GLab

We visited the Orange 5GLab in Liège on February 23. Located in the city’s newly developed creative quarter, the lab opened in September 2021. It’s designed to showcase 5G use cases for clients rather than serve as a prototyping lab. For instance, Orange collaborates with the Port of Antwerp to enhance operations through 5G-connected tugboats that stream real-time data, improving port efficiency. Additionally, the lab demonstrates future applications of augmented reality in homes, particularly for sports and entertainment, using 5G-powered technologies like AR glasses to enhance viewing experiences.

April 2023

FTTH Conference

We attended the FTTH Conference in Madrid, organised by the FTTH Council Europe. This conference gathers top leaders in fiber connectivity to discuss and showcase the latest advancements in ultra-high-speed broadband. It provided an excellent opportunity to explore the newest trends and technologies in the industry and to connect with like-minded professionals. This experience helps us stay informed and engaged with the latest developments in fibre connectivity.


May 2023

SNT Partnership Day

We attended the SnT Partnership Day on May 11, 2023, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg. This event, organized by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), showcased innovative collaborative research. It brought together industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers to discuss and explore the latest advancements in technology and research partnerships. Attending such events helps us stay updated on cutting-edge developments, fosters valuable connections, and supports our commitment to promoting technological progress and innovation in Luxembourg.


JUNE 2023

Advisory Community - Terrestrial networks roll-out challenges in Luxembourg

We hosted our first official Advisory Community event at the House of Startups Luxembourg, focusing on the challenges of terrestrial network roll-out in Luxembourg. The event featured presentations by industry experts: Dr. Nico Binsfeld (CTO at Eltrona) discussed the future of broadband connectivity via Cable TV networks, Karim Habib shared insights on FTTx deployment in challenging markets, and Uti Meier (Head of Network Infrastructure at Post Technologies) highlighted achievements and challenges in fibre-to-the-home deployment. The event concluded with a networking lunch, fostering the exchange of ideas among participants.

The Advisory Community is a working and discussion group comprising vital stakeholders within the telecommunications sector, including service providers, operators, municipalities, real estate experts, and representatives from the building and construction industry. Click here to know more about the Advisory Community.

Re-Smart Conference

We were exhibitors at the RE-Smart Luxembourg conference held at Parc Hotel Alvisse. It was a great experience, highlighted by Minister Corinne Cahen’s address on the need for collaborative solutions in the real estate sector. Conan Lauterpacht discussed the challenges of managing increased data from IoT and ESG. Key takeaways included the importance of flexibility and third-party expertise in embracing change.


Advisory Community Networking Event

We hosted an Advisory Community networking event at Mama Shelter. It was a great opportunity for members to engage in meaningful discussions, driving the telecommunications sector forward in Luxembourg. Participants exchanged insights, ideas, and experiences on various industry topics. The level of expertise shared was remarkable, and we are grateful for the valuable contributions from everyone. We received a really positive feedback on the informal setting, which facilitated great connections and idea exchanges.

July 2023

Advisory Community - Blockers and Drivers of FTTH in Europe

We hosted an insightful Advisory Community Event at the House of Startups Luxembourg, focusing on the blockers and drivers of FTTH in Europe and our study on ultra-high-speed broadband uptake in Luxembourg. Speakers Benoit Felten from Plum Consulting and Carlo Kissen from Quest Market Intelligence delivered thought-provoking presentations. A key finding revealed that about 30% of eligible individuals mistakenly believe they are already fiber subscribers.

September 2023

Advisory Community - Consumer Protection in the Telecommunications Sector

We hosted a workshop for our Advisory Community, focusing on consumer protection in the telecommunications sector. For the first time, we brought together organizations representing consumer groups, service providers, and government entities. This collaboration emphasized the importance of equitable access to connectivity. Thought-provoking discussions explored the role of WiFi networks, generative AI in creating accessible content, and ideal customer experiences for consumers with specific needs. The event highlighted the need for ongoing dialogue to drive progress and shape the future of connectivity and consumer protection.

LetzConnect Tour, in two cities

LetzConnect Tour was launched in 2022 and is an annual roadshow across different municipalities, to meet our stakeholders. The 2023 edition was held in Luxembourg-City, at Tero House17 and Esch-sur-Alzette, at Bâtiment 4, with special focus on promoting our new Vertical Cabling Tooklit.

October 2023

Home and Living Expo

We attended the Home Expo 2023 as exhibitors from October 5 to 8. The Home Expo is a premier event showcasing the latest in home building, renovation, and lifestyle trends, attracting a diverse range of visitors. This event provided an excellent opportunity for us to engage with consumers, understand their questions and needs about connectivity, and present MyConnectivity and our activities. Our booth received more than 100 visits, allowing us to gather valuable insights and feedback from attendees.

November 2023

Luxembourg Internet Days

We were present at the 10th edition of this national key event, which gathered more than 1.000 IT, OT and ICT professionals of the Greater Region and beyond, notably from the Partner Country for 2023, Portugal. We organised the “The State of Connectivity in Luxembourg” conference, which showcased the latest trends and innovations shaping the digital landscape in our country.

December 2023

Data Summit 2023

We participated in the Data Summit Luxembourg and the launch of the Luxembourg National Data Service (LNDS). The event offered deep insights into LNDS’s services, mission, and goals, alongside transformative data projects.

Our Technical Director, Julien Larios, showcased our joint project with LNDS. This initiative aims to identify Luxembourg regions lacking ultra-high-speed networks such as Fiber, Docsis3.1+, and 5G FWA. By leveraging geographic deployment data from Geoportail and socio-demographic data, we aim to develop tailored connectivity solutions for rural areas, fostering an interconnected future for all.

The Future Workshop

MyConnectivity’s Future Workshop is more than just a mere event, it’s a concept. Following the highly inspiring kick-off conference in December 2023, the workshop aims to spark discussions about future connectivity, connect diverse groups, bridge gaps, and promote connectivity advancements in Luxembourg. The findings will be compiled into a white paper to be later shared with partner organisations and the community.

The event also market the celebration of the second anniversary of MyConnectivity, and kickstarted a project with students called The Future Workshop – Student Hackathon and Coaching, to be developed through the first semester of 2024.