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Norm project


The aim of the national standard is to develop technical and functional guidelines for vertical cabling in new and existing multi-family residential buildings and mixed-use buildings (multi-family and commercial).


A new national norm

“Telecommunications cabling techniques”

MyConnectivity G.I.E. has teamed up with ILNAS (‘Institut luxembourgeois de la normalisation, de l’accréditation, de la sécurité et qualité des produits et services) to draw up a national standard that will serve as a reference for carrying out vertical cabling work in residential buildings, for the benefit of citizens, businesses and service providers.

The aim of this new standard is to contribute to improving the infrastructure of Ultra-High-Speed networks in Luxembourg by harmonising the technical and functional requirements for vertical cabling in old and new buildings, concerning the following aspects:

  • Technical telecom room;
  • Network demarcation points (NTP) ;
  • Building IT rack ;
  • Cable technologies and types ;
  • Building unit numbering;
  • Physical access control.

On the home straight!

On 27th of March 2024, a dedicated event convened over 50 industry professionals to unveil the PrILNAS 108 norm project, carefully crafted by the technical committee over the past year. Julien Larios, the technical director at MyConnectivity, walked the audience through the various chapters of the document during this conference.

This norm is designed to address the diverse needs and expectations of all stakeholders. A public consultation is currently underway until 26th of April, allowing stakeholders to provide their valuable feedback (link below).

Following the 4-week consultation period, the technical committee will thoroughly review all the findings before finalising the document.

The norm is poised to become an enabler and facilitate new projects, paving the way for a more interconnected and efficient future!